Bergoglio covered for pedophile Gustavo Vera

There is at least one man who seems to have funded an investigation into Gustavo Vera by the use of a VIP prostitute who followed and filmed him for a year.

If you’re not familiar with Gustavo Vera read about him at Ann Barnhardt’s site, which first broke the news to the West.

Part 1 at Ann’s site

Part 2 at Ann’s site

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Video for Spanish speakers

The Novus Orco Antichurch is having its mask ripped off and we as good Catholics must expose and ultimately help send these child raping scum to their father in Hell as quickly as possible.

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The History of the Infiltration of the Catholic Church. Completed by 1958.

Video with references

A point of concern, of course, is the utter cowardice of these “priests” who kept silent for decades. It is for this reason directly that one can tell they are in no way actual clerics. A servant of God, acting for the real Church should be ready to die rather than let child abuse WITHIN the church continue.

All who do not speak are complicit.

All those who accept anything to do with Vatican 2 are not real priests. Only impostors.

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The Spirit of 1095

If you read only one book about history, let it be this one:

The Crusades – by Harold Lamb

It is a heroic work that delves into the historical facts from both sides of the conflict and does so in an objective fashion.

You have been lied to about the nature, reason and character of the men who undertook the first crusade to an extent that is hard to describe. Go back to the original facts and see for yourself.

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