The Novus Orco Church

In the Lord of The Rings, the orcs were originally elves that had been twisted and perverted into orcs.

This is not at all dissimilar to what happened to the Catholic Church (references to verify this summary are provided at the end of this page).

The process was intentional, intelligent, patient and drawn out over a period of decades precisely so its effect, by being gradual and incremental was practically unstoppable.

The origins of this infiltration are not unrelated to the global efforts of what eventually became the Frankfurt School. A brief summary of this history can be found HERE.

In a nutshell, in order to have a “true revolution of the proletariat” it was decided that the destruction of both Christianity and the family unit were absolutely required in order to reduce everyone to “equality”. Thus Marxism, which had failed spectacularly by the close of the First World War, and even more so by the end of the Second World War, shifted from being applied strictly to economics to being applied socially.

The destruction of the family unit was brought about mostly by the feminist movement and the so-called sex education forced on ever younger children at school. By effectively using women’s natural instincts for social (herd-like) thinking to effectively make them feel like disparaged second-class citizens, instead of treasured and protected mothers of children, the stage had been set for the war of the sexes. This too was absolutely intentional. The marginalising of men from their children and the traditional role of leader of the household, was intended to indeed create broken families. This was done by creating this narrative of male oppression while simultaneously pushing contraception, divorce, and eventually abortion and fault-free divorce while creating a welfare state that promoted the idea of a woman being able to be a single mother with aid from the state and no longer requiring the traditional role of husband (now effectively outsourced to the state from a financial perspective) as well as forcing women into the workplace.

While all this social upheaval was going on, the Church was simultaneously being infiltrated by Marxists, Freemasons, predatory homosexuals and even vicious atheists so as to corrode it from within.

This process was well under way in the 1920s and Pope Pious X had already warned of it in very straightforward ways, including his encyclical Lamentabili. Worth a read for how current it seems despite having been written over 100 years ago. In an effort to stop such infiltration, for the first time, a compilation of all the canon law of the Catholics Church was commissioned and completed by 1917.

This text, known as Pio-Benedictine Canon Law of 1917 is an invaluable document and was the collation of almost two millennia of theological and very logical and clear thought by various patriotic fathers and doctors of the Church.

It is a fascinating and useful document that can easily be purchased on amazon for anyone interested. If you have a somewhat legalistic or logical mindset, it is a delight to read because in simple, lay terms, it lays out a system of law that if followed cannot produce bad results in society and finding it condensed in such a fashion provides a clear view of how two millennia of faithfully kept tradition managed to create the best human society on this Earth: Christendom.

During the Protestant assault on the Church in the 1500, the Catholic Church produced the Catechism of the Council of Trent (also available from Amazon) so as to make clear to all in a simple way what the truth was concerning what the Church and practicing Catholics believed.

This time the production of the collated canon law of 1917 was done pre-emptively, so that everyone could be sure to have the correct rules to hand and avoid any ambiguity.

Sadly, by the 30s and 40s the infiltration was practically complete already and even the efforts of Monsignor Umberto Benigni had been vanquished.

Finally, with the election of Angelo Roncalli in a conclave widely known for its scandalous irregularity, the take over was complete.

The antipopes have been in power ever since, producing the absolute heresy that are the Vatican II documents; the abomination that is the Novus Ordo mass, which, if you understand the actual meaning of Holy Communion can only be considered as an intentional and vile disparaging and mockery of the entire meaning of the sacrifice made by our Lord; the effective secularisation, of Church doctrine, and worse of all, the absolute ensconcement, of predatory homosexuals, pedophiles to be exact, into the Church.

Between 1958 and 1965, the Vatican II documents were produced to ensure the collapse of clarity, correct dogma and doctrine and ultimately the confusion and detachment from truth for the laity who did not bother to carefully be aware of all these developments.

A too weak clergy and a too weak laity allowed the Church to become thoroughly corrupted and people began to abandon what they could sense was now a false church that had left the path of truth and seemed to become only more perverse, corrupt and broken. Attendance at the New False Church dropped dramatically and as seminaries became literal bathhouses of homosexuals and pedophiles, the corruption metastasised like a particular virulent form of cancer.

Every Antipope since 28th October 1958 has either been directly involved in the creation of Vatican II documents, or their continued being taught as doctrine, making them heretics and apostates. They have also been directly responsible for the abomination that is the Novus Ordo Mass and the attempt at invalidating Canon Law by the creating of a New (and corrupt) revised edition of the Canon Law of 1917.

It should be clear by now that anything produced after 28th October 1958 has the stench of apostasy and heresy to it and must be rejected by any real Catholic.

Canon 188.4 of Pio-Benedictine Canon Law of 1917 is very clear on this. Anyone who publicly renounced the faith is immediately divested of any office he held in the Church without any further comment or official proclamation required by anyone. Preaching heresy repeatedly over a period of decades and recognising other heretics as though they were legitimate clerics makes such people heretics. And a heretic clearly cannot be a valid cleric of the Church. Therefore, ALL clerics who do not specifically renounce ALL of Vatican II, the Novus Ordo Mass and aren’t willing to immediately denounce, remove physically and spiritually other heretics and particularly pedophiles, from the Church, are not, and cannot be considered as valid members of the Catholic Clergy. This leaves the real Catholic Church as a mere remnant of its former size and glory and the rest, including every supposed “cleric” in the Vatican is an impostor and a fraud.

We should differentiate then, between the Catholic Church, which has only a few bishops and priest left and a small but fervent and strong group of actual catholic laity, and the abomination of the skinsuit that tries to pass itself off as the Catholic Church.

We suggest that we begin to refer to the fake church as the Novus Orco Antichurch.


There are many would-be Catholics that through ignorance have been deceived into believing Bergoglio and the other antipopes were legitimate clerics of the Catholic Church, this is not their fault and they have no guilt if they remain unaware of the facts here reported. Once they ARE aware however, it becomes incumbent upon them to verify for themselves and the support the truth, which means the true Catholic Church, which remains and needs to grow so as to protect and save all those souls that would otherwise be lost to the great and pernicious lies the Novus Orco “Church” wants them to believe.

Lastly, we also feel that supposed clerics who abuse children should be summarily executed. Since the Vatican is a sovereign state, there is no reason why this could not be applied by burning them at the stake in St. Peter’s square.

Of course, the Vatican itself would need to be first utterly emptied of every pervert in it, reducing it to a ghost city, then be repopulated with actual Catholics imbibed with the spirit of 1095 and real Clerics to reconsacrate every stone and pebble of what is currently a nexus for some of the most depraved, corrupt, evil men that ever lived.

Do not despair however. Remember that even through the end times, the real Church will persist. And in the end, we win. So hold fast brothers and sisters and reclaim your heritage.


A short video that summarises some of the points and gives some book references (see below)

School of Darkness by Bella V. Dodd

The homosexual network – private lives and public policy by Enrique T. Rueda

Goodbye Good Men – How liberals brought corruption into the Catholic Church by Michael S. Rose