What You Can Do

We strongly suggest you read the page entitled Reclaiming Christendom if you have not yet done so. This page relates more practically to what you can materially do to organise yourself with others to reclaim Christendom physically on the ground.

First of all what is needed is a clear voice that Catholicism absolutely rejects all things related to Vatican II and no cleric who does not do this is in any way valid. The best way to do this is to support those few clerics left who do this directly and unambiguously. On this basis, we have a way for you to register your interest in doing one of the following:

  1. Give material support to either the outright purchase of an abandoned or new church, maintenance of an existing one or support for one of the few true clerics of Catholicism left.
  2. Register to be put in touch with any other real Catholics in your region.
  3. Fund investigations to help lead to criminal prosecution and convictions of pedophiles, fraudsters and other criminals of the Novus Orco Antichurch run by Bergoglio and his protected pederasts.
  • You can do so HERE where you can register alongside with a statement of what you are willing or able to commit to and what you’d prefer the funds to be spent on.
  • Any monies collected in the future will be done in a completely transparent manner with the full account of expenditure of everything collected placed online for anyone to see.
  • We see each of these goals as necessary. While getting our own churches is important, ensuring child abusers are prosecuted, exposed, punished and driven out of any kind of social acceptance is practically even more important.
  • It is our duty to protect the innocent by any and all means available to us. Register with us so that we may co-ordinate investigations, as well as any help you can give materially if you are a lawyer, journalist, have access to law enforcement that is not corrupt and so on.
  • We keep any information received in the strictest confidence and only use it to get in touch for matters concerning this site and it’s aims.