Reclaiming Christendom

Once you have understood the true dimension of the crisis that Canon 188.4 implies, in view of the fact that anything and anyone not explicitly and clearly rejecting everything and anything connected to Vatican II is de facto anathema, you may be hit by a sense of hopelessness, desperation even.

This would be a mistake.

First, remember in the individual and particular, with regard to yourself as a Christian:

1. You are not given to a spirit of fear

You might find this cold comfort when you actually feel fear on you and in you. Fear of abandonment by God. Fear of being lost and alone in the wilderness outside the Church. Or even, unconnected with the Church issues, fear for any number of reasons that assail us in life, be they spiritual or material, including an active threat to your life physically.

However, understand how this works. The material responses you have, always originate from the spiritual first. The more clarity you have in that, the better even your primal, instinctive reactions will be.

Remember that it has more than one meaning. At its most fundamental, it means that as long as you love God, and accept and profess Jesus as Lord, you will not be given to the Enemy. The enemy might sift you, and this can be terrible. He may even destroy you materially, but he can never claim you. For a truly excellent exposition on this point, read at least the first three chapters of the book The Three Battlegrounds, by Francis Frangipane. Francis is not a Catholic and the later parts of his book are not particularly relevant, but the first three chapters, dealing with the first battleground, are a rare and clear text that undoubtedly provides benefit. Be aware of lies and following a wrong path, but do not discard truth only because it comes from a non-Catholic or a lost soul. A man who professes 2 and 2 is 4 is telling the truth on that particular point at that particular time. As always, keep your wits about you.

Once you truly understand this point, and augment it with preparation in the world, be it martial arts, study, relocation of your family and valuables to safer shores and so on, you will also become more adept at not feeling fear even in those situations that normally would cause terror in most people. Study this point carefully in scripture. Remember that only two emotions really exist: Love and Fear. Choose carefully.

2. God loves you.

This does not changes. As long as you love God. Too often, we are so weak, and scared, and hurt, and lonely, that we pray with fear in our heart for relief, lost in our pain. And we forget that what gives us freedom, true hope and peace is our loving God.

This point is absolutely pivotal and one easily forgotten. We are like a nagging wife that complains her husband doesn’t treat her well while all she does is complain, ignore him, reject him and generally disrespect him in every way possible. God’s love is always there, and very often acts for our benefit even when we are utterly unaware of it, but to benefit from it and experience it more consciously in our lives, we must begin to show our own love towards him. We must experience genuine love inside ourselves for God. Shows of external expressions are not particularly germane here. Honest intent is what matters. The external manifestations will come about naturally as a result of the internal truth we hold inside ourselves. So start there.

Secondly, remember the general, historical and spiritual aspects of the Church:

1. Jesus assured us he would be with the Church always.

In the history of the Church there have been many times during which Christendom seemed to be overtaken, led into mass error or simply devolved into a corruption of a global and permanent scale.

There have been over 40 antipopes. There have been people acting as Pope so scandalous that most faithful have no idea just how perverse these men were. And yet, Christendom endured and expanded. Remember that Christianity only needed eleven scared and lost men to begin and then, from there, take over the world. Do not worry about numbers and do not worry about the external perceptions of the world. Hold the truth inside you.

2. Scripture and several saints have told us that before the apocalypse the Church would be invaded from within and collapse except for a small remnant of true believers.

No one, not even Jesus, knows the hour of the second coming, and every generation has its share of doomsayers, so do not concern yourself unduly with such prophecies, the point here is merely this: even if it were true that the entire Church is collapsing and leaving only a few pockets of scattered true believers, so what? What are you worrying about? Be one of those few and carry on. It is how we have been told it will be. All is well.

Thirdly, fight.

1. The body of Christians on Earth is not called The Church Militant for nothing.

Fighting doesn’t have to imply or use violence as such (though, of course, as per Catholic Canon Law, we are perfectly capable and in fact dutifully called to use force when required to defend ourselves or others, even pre-emptively when necessity demands it, as, after all, even basic common sense dictates).

Fighting can take many forms. Mostly by how you act, worship, and lead others, gently and not forcing their will, to the truth.

Build up your family. Create a Catholic community. Be a quiet and honest example of the best Christian you can be. Spread light into the darkness.

Help other Christians even if you do not agree with them on everything. Support some of those Churches and priests who do reject all things Vatican II. Support this site. Be honest, a good friend and a good husband or wife. Protect your loved ones. Read and study the Bible. Fight, brother. Fight!

2. Do not be afraid to be a Christian in public.

If you say grace at meal times, do not be afraid to do so in public too, including your local restaurant.

If guests come to your home for dinner, inform them you say grace and invite them to take part if they wish. If they choose not to take part that’s on them not you, it is not for us to try to force people to Christianity, but if they try to mock you for it, eject them from your home calmly and clearly.

To not be afraid to calmly and simply state you are a Christian and a Catholic that rejects all the heresy of Bergoglio and his fake church. There is no need to try and force everyone to know, don’t be like the cross-fit vegans, just be yourself, but if it comes up, do not deny your loyalty to God.

3. Make a difference

Be Catholic. If you need some inspiration read Harold Lamb’s The Crusades. Or the Great Siege, Malta 1565, or the life of some of the Catholic heroes of the past. But understand above all this: You do not step back from the enemy. Fight smartly and wisely, but fight.

Remember the main point, both internal and individual as well as external and universal:

We are soldiers of God inside enemy territory.

And we are not given to a spirit of fear.