About Canon 188

The purpose of this site is simply to profess the true and correct position of the real Catholic Church, and dispel the notion that uneducated persons may have that Bergoglio, and his retinue of pedophiles and homosexuals have anything to do with the legitimate, Holy, Apostolic, undivided, Catholic Church.

It is our aim to do so in a simple and direct manner with no mincing of words, false prudence or false modesty.

Our spirit is indeed to be meek, which does not mean weak. Meek means to restrain power in good judgment and correctly, until required.

It is now time to bring the full force of truth at the impostor, antipope, never-was-a-Christian, probable herald of the antichrist mentioned in Revelation, pedophile protector, Bergoglio, and his satanic minions.

Canon 188 of the Pio-Benedictine Canon Law of 1917 reads as follows:

It is Canon 188 part 4 that most interests us here, as it clearly shows the current incumbent, and several before him, are occupying the Holy See illegitimately.

In other words, since this canon law has been in effect and publicly available since 1917, it is quite clear that the absolute heresy that is anything and everything related to Vatican II, when publicly proclaimed by any cleric, automatically vacates his office.

The result of this is that, since every “Pope” from 9th October 1958 onward has been involved in promoting Vatican II, and doing so quite publicly indeed, they have, by virtue of the law itself, and requiring no further declaration by anyone, literally vacated their offices.

They have certainly done so spiritually, regardless of if they hold on to the worldly aspect of it through lies, subterfuge, evil intent, ego, genuine error, or whatever other worldly scheme they may contrive to do so.

This is not difficult. A heretic cannot be a Catholic. And a non-Catholic cannot be a cleric that speaks in any way for the Church.

In other words, the Catholic Church has not had a legitimate Pope since 1958. That said, the Sede is not, in fact, vacant. As should be painfully obvious by now, it is very much filled. By an impostor. And has been so since 1958.

We are not Sede Vacantists. The proper term is Sede Privationists, since an impostor prevents a true Pope from occupying the Holy See.

Below are two links. The first to a more through description of the implications of Canon 188 part 4

Article on Canon 188

And the second a link to a group that is still actually Catholic and understands the current situation of the Church.

Sodalitium Pianum

It is furthermore important to note that, if a cleric in higher office has vacated his office through heresy, any cleric who continues to profess their legitimacy, in turn must also be considered heretic and publicly advocating heresy, and thus falling foul of the same law and also vacating their offices.

In other words, the only legitimate clerics left are those who, having been validly ordained by still valid clerics, retain validity by denouncing the heretic clerics that promote, advocate, or actually agree with Vatican II.

This is why we say that the Church, while still visible, is in fact far smaller in number of real Catholics than it has been since the early Christian times in the first few centuries after the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Join us and return to the Catholic Church. The real one, not the pedophile infested perversion headed by the Marxist infiltrator Bergoglio that currently occupies every crevice of the Vatican.