Catholic Monitor exposes the child trafficking Bergoglio

Catholic Monitor has the story on how the complete betrayal of the Catholic Church in China was perpetrated by the sodomite pervert McCarrick under direct orders from Bergoglio.

And how it ties to the usual child-trafficking evil.

Truly by now we should be storming the gates of the Vatican with pikes and pitchforks to burn out all the Novus Orco vileness.

Read the whole thing HERE

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Predatory Homosexuality as experienced by survivors of abuse

Read the whole thing here:

By Moira Greyland

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Forcing six year olds to write Homosexual love letters – Supported by the BBC

Go to the original here.

But don’t let anyone tell you LGBT people are predatory freaks trying to corrupt children. Oh no… that would be politically incorrect.

It is time to bring back burnings at the stake.

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ViganĂ² drops another Bomb

Via Lifesite News

Finally at least one bishop is telling at least some of the documented vile actions of fake pope Bergoglio the arch-enemy of Catholicism and leader of the Novus Orco Church.

Hopefully this will lead others to the truth and the ultimate rejection of all things linked to Vatican II.

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Priest in hiding to avoid physical repercussions for burning gay flag of gay priest who died in erotic auto asphyxiation

Story by The American Conservative

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PJ Media lifts the lid of Vatican housing self-admitted pedophiles

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Bergoglio intimate with pedophile ring

Ann Barnhardt has a bombshell of a story, accumulating to what was already known about Bergoglio as the protector, enabler and funder of international pedophile rings and child trafficking.

We remind you that we wish to set up a fund to be used to bring these sick perverts to justice.

We are currently trying to gauge interest in this. All proceeds will be transparently spent for the investigation, arrest, prosecution and punishment of as many of these pedophiles and Novus Orco scum as possible.

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Bergoglio the Pedophile Protector

This Video is only 12 minutes long but contains the obviously unrepentant confession of a child abusing priest on his deathbed.

This is who Bergoglio, the head of the Novus Orco Antichurch, really is.

Priest abuse covered up by Bergoglio

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Bergoglio covered for pedophile Gustavo Vera

There is at least one man who seems to have funded an investigation into Gustavo Vera by the use of a VIP prostitute who followed and filmed him for a year.

If you’re not familiar with Gustavo Vera read about him at Ann Barnhardt’s site, which first broke the news to the West.

Part 1 at Ann’s site

Part 2 at Ann’s site

Feel free to spread this far and wide.

Video for Spanish speakers

The Novus Orco Antichurch is having its mask ripped off and we as good Catholics must expose and ultimately help send these child raping scum to their father in Hell as quickly as possible.

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The History of the Infiltration of the Catholic Church. Completed by 1958.

Video with references

A point of concern, of course, is the utter cowardice of these “priests” who kept silent for decades. It is for this reason directly that one can tell they are in no way actual clerics. A servant of God, acting for the real Church should be ready to die rather than let child abuse WITHIN the church continue.

All who do not speak are complicit.

All those who accept anything to do with Vatican 2 are not real priests. Only impostors.

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